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We are thrilled that you are interested in becoming a part of our SSA Cheer family! We are excited to share our passion and love for the sport of recreational and competitive cheerleading with so many families. We are committed to building a fantastic sense of confidence and character. We focus on our athlete’s growth on and off the mat. We put an equal amount of passion in our introductory teams as we do in our upper-levels. SupaStarz Athletics has competitive teams for athletes 3-18. We offer several team options to fit all families’ budget and commitment level. While pushing our athletes to be the very best, we take pride in offering the safest environment possible. Our energetic and experienced coaches are passionate and professional about their jobs. From the moment you join, you will experience an environment that builds Self-Confidence, Teamwork, Ambition, Respect and Zealousness. 

Our recreational program runs from September to May. This is perfect for beginners who love going to football or basketball games to watch the cheer teams but not quite ready for the competitive piece. The main focus of our recreational program is to learn the FUNdamentals of cheerleading. Students will learn motions, stunts, jumps, sideline cheers and a routine. Routine will be shared with family and friends at the finale showcase at the end of the season. If desired, this program is designed to build confidence and skills for cheerleaders to move up to our All-Star program. These teams practice one time a week for 1 hour. Our recreational program will also participate in community events and make community appearances. Community events are not mandatory but highly encouraged.  (Ages 6-12)

  • Practices 

  • Music and Choreography

  • Hair Accessory 

  • SSA Tank

Monthly Fee is all inclusive and includes:

 Tuition does NOT include:

  • Gym Registration 

  • Performance Apparel 

This program is perfect for little athletes ready to enter the world of competitive cheerleading! This team is for ages 4-7 year-olds. We’ll compete at at least two local events and perform at our finale showcase at the end of the season. Novice athletes are scored against their previous scores, so there is always an incentive to improve! We’ll teach a 1 minute, 30 second routine with *stunts, jumps, *pyramid, dance, and tumbling. (*Tiny Novice athletes will learn flying positions and simulate stunts.) This team practices 1 time a week. Novice DO NOT have to tryout or be evaluated!

     Monthly fee is all inclusive and includes:​

  • Practices 

  • Extra Practices (prior to competitions)


  • Music and Choreography (created in house) 

  • SSA Tank

Tuition does NOT include:

  • Gym Registration

  • Cheer Shoes

  • Competition Uniform/Hair Accessory (split into 3 payments)

  • Competition Fees (split into 3 payments) 

  • Hotel and Travel

Our All Star Program is bound to be one of the most intense but exciting in the gym. All Star Cheerleading offers a unique opportunity to learn stunting, jumps, dance and tumbling, and perform all skills in an action-packed 2 1/2 minute routine. Our sport is unique in that everyone plays a vital role on the team. All-Star cheer is open to ages 7-18 and runs from September to May each year. Our goal for season 1 is to compete at at least 3 competitions and 1 end of year event. 

*Cheerleaders are required to tryout and participate in evaluation practices. (The evaluation period will help us best determine which level each cheerleader will be most successful)

*All cheerleaders will make a team*

Monthly fee is all inclusive and includes:​

  • Practices 

  • Extra Practices

  • Camp STAR (TBD)

  • Weekly Tumbling Class (designed for All-Star Teams)

  • SSA Tank

    Tuition does Not include:

  • Gym Registration 

  • ​Choreography and Competition Fees (split into 4 payments)

  • Cheer Shoes (any white cheer shoe)

  • Competition Uniform/Hair Accessory (split into 4 payments)

  • Team Practice Set (split into 4 payments)

  • Hotels and Travel 

**2024-2025 All Star Tryouts- June 12-13

**2024-2025 All Star Evaluations - June 14-15

**Choreography Dates are set for the week of August 12th. (Exact Days will be provides at Parent Meeting)  

*Class Times will be announced once teams are placed! We will do our best to make sure that class times do not conflict with the majority of cheerleaders other extra curriculumn schedules.  

*If you are interested in trying out for our All-Star Program please click the link below and we will be in contact with you soon.  

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