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​Our recreational tumbling classes will introduce students to new gymnastic skills,
in a self-paced and fun environment. We offer preschool, beginners, intermediate and
advanced tumbling classes, catering to all skill levels.

This class builds a foundation for proper alignment, power, strength, and timing needed to be a successful tumbler.  Learning proper body positions and creating memory of movement will be the cornerstone to more advanced skills.  The athlete must demonstrate stability and ability to keep arms straight through pressure during skills to provide protection of the head and neck. 

These classes are available by age groups (6-8) and (9-12)


  • Forward Roll

  • Cartwheel

  • Backbend Kickover

  • Round off

  • Handstand to Bridge

Skills Taught in our Beginners course and Required to progress to Intermediate level

This stage is considered to be the most crucial time in a tumbler's learning. Flexibility and strength training are incorporated into learning. Child must be able to do a backhand spring with a light spot along with mastering all level one skills to be enrolled in the tumble level 2 class.

These classes are available by age groups (6-8) and (9-12)

Skills taught in Intermediate and Required to progress to Advanced Tumbling

  • Back Walkover

  • Front Walkover

  • Dive Roll

  • Backward Roll

  • Standing Back Handspring

Screenshot 2023-06-21 at 6.16.44 PM.png


After mastering extension, power and body awareness in Level 2, tumbler begins to rotate in the air with no hand support. Advanced Tumble class focuses on progression of tumbling skills from level beginning and intermediate tumbling classes. Skills incorporated include combination front and back tuck passes, layouts and spinning skills.  Flexibility and strength training are incorporated into learning.  Child must be able to do a back handspring without a spot to be in this class.

*This class is broken up by age groups "within" the class. 


Cheer Tumble: **Included in All-Star Cheer tuition** A weekly class for those involved in our All-Star Cheer program is included in their monthly tuition. This class focuses on the progression of tumbling skills used in a cheerleading competition routine.

*Each skill requires certain technique to count as mastery. Technique insures that students are moving on to the next level ready to progress "safely" to the next skills.*

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